Member Resources

Find reports and other resources published by ICBA members that highlight key industry updates across the globe.

Cavenagh Health Investor Report, 2023
The Reckoning of Antimicrobial Resistance, Cavenagh Health
Panorama Franch Healthtech 2022
Evaluating Patient Access to Rare Disease Treatments
A practical guide to ESG for Australian life sciences companies

To better understand the importance of IP rewards and incentives, EuropaBio conducted a survey among a cross section of key stakeholders, such as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and venture capitalists involved in the healthcare biotechnology community. This report summarizes the findings of the EuropaBio survey and provides supplementary information on the value of IP rewards and incentives and for the healthcare biotechnology industry.

BIOTECanada’s report on the opportunities and challenges facing Canada’s biotechnology industry.

This paper highlights the status and perspectives of the bioeconomy in Germany.

The aim of this report is to present an update of the key facts and figures of the Italian biotech industry. The report can be found here.
The Green G-Nome is ready to guide you to new heights of knowledge about GM crops. This new guide is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the role and untapped potential of GM crops in Europe.

This biennial report on State Biosciences Development takes stock of the value of bioscience innovation by considering the economic value that is found across the fast paced and ever changing world of bioscience industries.

This one-pager gives an overview of Taiwan Bio Industry Association’s activities.

This pipeline contains the latest products developments by members of ASEBIO in the biotechnology industrial sector: bioprocesses, bioproducts, technologies and biofuels.


This pipeline contains the latest drug developments by members of ASEBIO: Spanish companies and multinational subsidiaries which have carried out some phases of the process in Spain.


This pipeline includes products developments by ASEBIO members in the biotechnology Agrofood sector: ingredients, additives and probiotics, food safety substance detection, bioproducts, bioprocesses and other technologies, feed, veterinary drugs and biofuels.

Background information on the Spanish biotechnology sector.

Background information on the Spanish biotechnology sector.