German Corona Showcase

A considerable part of the global activities for the development and production of diagnostics, vaccines and drugs against Covid-19 takes place at biotech sites in German-speaking countries. Companies such as BioNTech, CureVac or QIAGEN have gained global recognition in the public eye virtually overnight. But these flagships are only the tip of the iceberg of innovative biotechnology companies in Germany.

The e-Vent will…

  • Give the opportunity to discuss funding, procurement and governmental support
  • Give the opportunity to exchange an discuss experiences made with corona research
  • Provide industry insights and expert views for press representatives and government employees

17 presentations by companies that are researching vaccines or therapies or have diagnostics or other services on the market will be the core of the three-day programme. On April 28, we will present the brand-new figures of the German biotechnology industry. In addition, there will be keynotes and panel discussions on all three days.

Attending the live program is already possible from 50 €. Register now:

Building on biotechnology: From vaccines to economic growth for Europe

EuropaBio’s National Associations Council (NAC) is a platform that brings together all EuropaBio’s National Associations and helps to ensure coordination of EuropaBio actions throughout Europe. The NAC represents biotechnology priorities across Europe’s Member and partner countries, working together to build long term economic and societal benefit from biotechnology across sectors.

In 2021, the NAC is proud to host its first Summit focussed on priorities for commercial biotechnology development, delivering the Industrial Strategy within national and European ecosystems.

The NAC summit on May 10 will address how we learn from the COVID-19 response, to enable full societal and economic benefit from biotechnology in the future across sectors. Rapid technology development pathways, including partnering, investment and approvals, created in response to the pandemic have created new, faster routes to market. Although this was a unique scale and speed for vaccine development, it shows that biotech can perform quickly and strongly to address unmet issues in healthcare and sustainable development, creating a solution and also supporting economic recovery across Europe.

The EuropaBio NAC Summit is held during the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of EU and organized in collaboration with P-BIO. The outcomes from the Summit will include a EuropaBio NAC Position on building economic pathways from biotech post-Covid with the role of aligned and ambitious national policies and actions.

AusMedtech 2021

AusMedtech 2021: Reimagine and reconnect provides a week of virtual half-day sessions that represent Australia’s medtech industry; celebrate the successes and impacts our industry has made, and engage on the reimagined future of medtech.

AusMedtech is Australia’s premier medical technology conference for medtech executives, providing business partnering opportunities for decision makers and investors. AusMedtech 2021, held by AusBiotech, brings together key stakeholders of the Australian and international devices and diagnostics sector to help prepare the industry sector for its changing landscape.

As your national industry voice, AusBiotech recognises the extraordinary spirit of the medtech industry and the flexibility in reimagining innovation during 2020. AusMedtech 2021 is a clear reminder of the strong and experienced industry Australia holds, and one that is demonstrating global leadership in addressing the challenges of the current global pandemic.

We want the world to know the extent of our capabilities, the strength of our talent, and the ingenuity of our industry that is continuing to reimagine our life science’s future.

EuropaBio Patient BioForum: Advancing patient access to innovative treatments

2021 is set to be another landmark year in the area of health. It is hoped to not only relieve the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic on EU patients and healthcare systems, but also let the health community advance the great number of other priorities there are. In the EU, 2021 is set to give a start to the implementation of the European Health Union and the related objectives of the new EU Pharmaceutical Strategy. Among these, the EU health community is looking to improve patients’ access to therapies for challenging and rare conditions.

This meeting of EuropaBio’s Patient BioForum will discuss avenues for enhancing the access of EU patients to novel biotechnology-derived treatments in two sessions: 1) Pharmaceutical Strategy implementation for continued innovation and delivery in the area of rare and paediatric diseases; 2) mproving patient access across borders.

The exchange between guest speakers and BioForum members is aimed to result in the post-meeting release of policy recommendations for how patient access can be advanced in the EU in the context of its new Pharmaceutical Strategy.

Then and Now – Delivering a Successful Therapeutic to Patients

In today’s whirlwind of diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics, we take a step back and look at how the world of drug development and manufacturing has changed over the last 25 years, bringing together EuropaBio Members and 25th Anniversary Sponsor, Catalent.

We look back at changing experience from the last quarter of a century in the pathway to patients, plus how the latest advanced technologies translate into effective pre-clinical and clinical development. Hear expert presentations from EuropaBio Members and Catalent, before a detailed Q&A session with the audience on all aspects of developing successful drugs in 2021.

EU Healthcare Biotech Policy Priorities for SMEs

Join the EuropaBio Healthcare Biotechnology Team for a dive into EU policies that impact your current operations and will shape your future strategies.  With EU-level strategies within Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property, Orphan Medicines and the proposed ‘European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA)’, SMEs should be planning how they build and grow their businesses, whether within the EU or outside, in the light of these major policy initiatives. EuropaBio SME platform is a community of SMEs across all sectors in Europe, supported through regular online meetings around EU-level topics that impact commercial biotechnology and represented to EU stakeholders.

European Biotech Week 2021

The European Biotech Week celebrates biotechnology, an innovative and vibrant sector launched by the discovery of the DNA molecule back in 1953. The first European Biotech Week that took place in 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of this pivotal moment in history. This momentous occasion opened the door to a better understanding of the world we live in both for scientists and for society.

Biotech associations are key in helping to maximize the potential of biotechnology. In Europe, the National Associations Council, hosted by EuropaBio, represents 19 national and regional biotech associations that together represent over 1,800 small- and medium-sized biotech companies and organisations.

The 2021 edition will take place from the 27 September until the 03 October! Sign up your event today!

EFIB 2021

Industrial Biotechnology is currently worth €23 billion representing just 6% in sales of the overall worldwide chemicals market. However, it is significantly out-performing the overall chemicals market at an impressive 20% annual growth rate and has the potential to become the dominant technology of tomorrow’s chemicals industry, representing a huge future opportunity.

Delivering on this opportunity will require significant investment, innovation and value chain development and most importantly new collaborations across the sector. Additionally we are faced with important challenges posed by high energy prices, the impact of the shale gas boom on the development of biobased chemicals markets and the ongoing need for predictable, coherent and supportive policy in the EU.

In order to understand and overcome these challenges and prosper in tomorrow’s bioeconomy, for more than ten years, industry experts throughout the vibrant and innovative biobased community have come together to one central location every year to discuss the key issues and gain a snapshot of the most significant developments on scale up of commercial biorefineries around the world.

That location is the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Bioeconomy (EFIB), where delegates are provided with an update on the status and outlook of biobased industries. EFIB is proud to foster engagement between policy makers, a broad range of stakeholders connected with the existing biobased value chain and seeks to reach out to, and include, new interlocutors.

In the last decade, EFIB delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers have been showcasing innovative products and processes that deliver solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, we celebrated the Industrial biotech communities’ latest achievements in harnessing the power of innovation to deliver solutions to global grand challenges. Influential brands and industry leaders met with a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers to discuss the transformative potential of Industrial Biotechnology to create a smarter and more sustainable future.

We look forward to welcoming you at EFIB 2021 in Vienna, Austria!