On July 12th, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Expert Committee on Human Genome Editing released its recommendations for a Governance Framework. The ICBA released the following the statement:

The International Council of Biotechnology Associations (ICBA) appreciates the comprehensive and deliberative efforts of the WHO’s Expert Committee on Human Genome Editing.  Over two years, the Expert Committee carefully considered its broad mandate, assessed the scope of applications and potential governance mechanisms to provide a set of recommendations to the WHO and Member States for consideration and action.  Importantly, the Expert Committee report recognizes the potential benefits and risks of the emerging technology, the importance of scientific advancement and the need for education and outreach.  Although governance ranges significantly across geographies, regulatory authorities in the US and European Union have established effective frameworks.  We look to the WHO and key regulatory authorities to work together to ensure the proper safety measures are established globally to ensure patient safety.  The ICBA welcomes the opportunity to continue to partner with the WHO, the Science Council and Member States as this work evolves, particularly to assist in expanding education and outreach. 

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