The International Council of Biotechnology Associations (ICBA) is pleased to announce a series of mini-documentary style films to be produced by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial creative arm of BBC Global News.

The series will examine the role of biotechnology in solving some the world’s greatest environmental and health challenges. Carbon emissions, disease, more sustainable and efficient farming and manufacturing practices; biotechnology is playing a central role in solving complex problems, improving the health of humankind and the planet.

The series will showcase projects from across the globe, highlighting the innovative ways in which organisations are leveraging advances in biotechnology to manage disease and treatment. It will examine biotech’s role in food production; its focus on sustainability, reducing emissions and chemical use.

The aim is to tell the stories of the passionate people driving these products and technologies forward and those who are benefiting from the innovation. We want to show the commitment and dedication of the individuals and businesses at the heart of the industry.

Please find the Press Release here.

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