BIO Impact

The BIO Impact Ag & Environment Conference is the world’s largest industrial biotechnology event for business leaders, investors, and policy makers in biobased products, renewable chemicals and biofuels and food and ag tech. The conference features a breakout program featuring multiple tracks and plenaries as well as numerous workshops, Green Tech Investor Sessions, poster presentations, exhibits, networking receptions and BIO One-on-One Partnering™ meetings.

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September 21-24, 2020 • Raleigh, NC
FOCUS: Industrial Biotechnology, Agriculture

European Biotech Week 2020

The European Biotech Week is an annual celebration of biotechnology through events and public outreach activities taking place across Europe. In 2019, the 8th edition featured over 130 initiatives involving thousands of participants across 18 European countries.

Any organisation that is active in or cares about biotech can get involved and raise awareness of the field across Europe in whatever way best fits their mission and resources. Past participants include associations, universities, cultural and research centres, government institutions, schools, large and small biotech companies, science museums, but also individuals such as students, patients and farmers. This is an open and inclusive initiative which is entirely free of charge and not driven by any commercial interest. Participating organisers can ask for European Biotech Week goodies to be sent to their preferred location ahead of their events/activities.

The initiative stems from the passion of those involved in biotech to discuss, communicate and share knowledge with the public at large about the incredible discoveries, benefits and potential offered by the application of this technology. The driving force behind the initiative is the National Biotech Associations Council of EuropaBio, the Brussels-based European Association for Bioindustries.

If you are not based in Europe, don’t worry, our initiative is part of Global Biotech Week. Visit and involve your country in the global biotech conversation.

The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) 2020

EFIB is the market leading annual event in Europe for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy. The conference plays a crucial role in providing a central meeting place for policy and business communities to discuss how to harness the full potential of today’s innovations as the industrial biotechnology sector develops smarter and more sustainable products and processes in building Europe’s bioeconomy. In order to understand and overcome challenges and prosper in the industrial biotechnology market, industry experts from throughout the vibrant and innovative bio-based community come together every year to EFIB to discuss the key issues and gain a snapshot of the most significant developments on scale-up of commercial biorefineries around the world and an update on the status and outlook of bio-based industries. EFIB is proud to foster engagement between policy-makers and a broad range of stakeholders connected with the existing bio-based value chain and seeks to reach out to, and include, new interlocutors.

HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID®)

With the ambition of driving and fostering collaborations within the European healthcare and life sciences ecosystems, the HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID®) will be hosted, in Paris on the 5th and 6th of October 2020.

A mix of physical and virtual event to maximize meeting opportunities that features:

  • Private meetings with European innovative companies, pharmaceutical companies and life sciences specialized investors (physical & virtual)
  • Conferences and thematic panel discussions on new trends (on site and online)
  • Networking opportunities taking place throughout the event

Key numbers about the HTID 1st edition:

  • 500 attendees, innovation experts in the health and life sciences fields
  • 900 fruitful meetings between European HealthTech companies, international investors and healthcare industry groups
  • 10 conferences and expert panel discussions on new trends in research & development and growth improvement

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Event host: HealthTech For Care (

BIO Investor Forum

The BIO Investor Forum™ is an international biotech investor conference focused on early and established private companies as well as emerging public companies. The event features plenary sessions, business roundtables, therapeutic workshops, company presentations, and BIO One-on-One Partnering™ meetings.

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October 13-14, 2020 • San Francisco, CA
FOCUS: Business Development

Patient & Health Advocacy Summit

The BIO Patient and Health Advocacy Summit brings together patient advocacy organizations, academia, regulators, biotechnology industry, and other stakeholders for two days of robust programming to discuss timely policy issues and share best practices. The Summit also provides invaluable networking opportunities to advance partnership among stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

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October 28-29, 2020 • Washington, D.C.
FOCUS: Patient Advocacy

AusBiotech + Invest 2020

Australia’s largest life science conference is back and will be delivered online live 28 – 30 October and on-demand.

The world has changed and AusBiotech + Invest 2020 has moved online to ensure maximum flexibility and accessibility. Australia’s biggest week in biotech will feature the event you’ve known and trusted for 35 years, with new opportunities for global delegates and speakers, and a new level of global insight and perspective.

Engaging current and future biotech leaders to pitch, partner, exchange & engage, no matter where you are.