Argentina is one of the Latin American countries which has most quickly used and developed new biotechnological products. In Argentina, the development of biotechnology has been encouraged since the 1980s, and from then on it has steadily grown with a particular combination of well educated human resources, entrepreneurial strength and continuous investment for R&D of new products. It has an increasing innovative biotechnology sector.Argentina’s biotech firms operate in a variety of spaces, including seeds, inoculants, animal health, micro propagation of plants, human health, fertility, animal reproduction, industrial inputs, as well as other emerging applications.

Market Facts

  • Argentina is a leader regionally with the most Nobel Prize laureates with notable contributions in the biological area.
  • Argentina is the third largest producer of biotech crops after the United States and Brazil, producing 14 percent of the world’s total.



Foro Argentino de Biotecnologia

The Argentine Forum of Biotechnology (Foro Argentino de Biotecnología – FAB) is a private organization, which is comprised of a wide range of companies and institutions related to the field of biotechnology in Argentina. It was created in 1986 by a group of pioneer entrepreneurs in this field, and was founded under the honorary presidency of the Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Luis Federico Leloir. FAB members represents both national and international companies operating in different areas related to biotechnology, including agriculture, food, human health, diagnosis, analysis, animal health, equipment and industrial biotechnology, as well as university institutions and law firms.

FAB has actively supported the expansion of science and business related to biotechnology in Argentina since its inception. FAB develops a wide range of actions to promote cooperation among business, scientific, and public entities in this field, with concrete actions aimed at the growth and development of the biotechnological sector. With a strong regional and international profile, FAB continues to establish partnerships with similar organizations across the globe. Additionally, FAB has developed collaborative partnerships with government authorities responsible for the regulation of biotechnology products and services.