The Netherlands is home to a vibrant, dense biotechnology cluster of more than 1200 life sciences companies and research organizations, all within a 120-mile radius. Biotechnology companies in Holland span from a focus on agriculture to human health to industrial and environmental applications of biotechnology. Thanks to the Netherlands’ highly educated and multilingual workforce, first-rate transportation and logistics infrastructure and pro-business climate, the biotechnology industry continues to flourish as a leader in manufacturing, R&D, logistics and more. Ranked No. 4 worldwide for medical technology patent applications and No. 9 worldwide for biotechnology patent applications, Holland is leading the efforts in life sciences research and innovation. In fact, some €2 billion is invested in R&D every year in the Netherlands. For example, Holland’s Leiden Bio Science Park ranks among the top five most successful science parks in Europe. Committed to the biomedical life sciences, the park features 93 dedicated medical life sciences companies and institutions, as well as internationally acclaimed research institutes and the largest number of bioscience start-ups in Holland.

Market Facts

  • Holland is number 9 in the world for amount of biotechnology patent applications.
  • The Netherlands’ contributions to medical technology date back to the invention of the microscope (1590) and the first functioning artificial kidney (1943).

Holland BIO

HollandBIO is an active, privately funded, fast growing association. The HollandBIO backbone is a reflection of the sector: from startups, small and medium-sized companies to large companies, active in health, nutrition or biobased economy. Our activities consist of interests, organization of network activities, various management services and PR. Read the HollandBIO Highlights for an overview of our activities in 2017 .

HollandBIO contributes to the success of the sector by more than 170 companies to unite and support. Thanks to a strong and tight biotech cluster, the Netherlands can benefit from the value of biotech on all fronts.